Tuesday, June 28, 2011

#blogjune Day 28: In which I am pleased

I don't really talk about my children's achievements on my blog (since it is of no real interest to anyone but family :-) ), but tonight we had parent-teacher interviews and after last year's fiasco, I have been watching Mr7's progress with some concern.  It's hard to know how he is doing for his age group.  This year I have been worried about his writing and maths.  Anyway, his teacher says that while he has areas on which to work on for these, he (the teacher) is confident he (Mr7) will be up to the right level by the end of the year.  His reading has advanced 3 levels from the beginning of the year which is awesome news.  He has also risen one maths level too since the year began.  He has excellent "topic knowledge" and has strengths in science <-- no big surprises there!  I am feeling relieved about things now.

Additionally, I am relieved to have resurrected a family tree file I'd made back in 20004.  I'd saved it, but the software used to create the file had gone back to Mum's and we no longer had it There seemed to be no easy way to convert the file to something useful.  Fortunately, Mum still had the software running on her machine so DH converted the file to something more universal and we've downloaded some open source family tree software and I can now update it.  I wanted to check the tree to see if a connection existed - not sure that it does but hooray for having the data workable again!  I'll be backing up the GEDcom file now and also uploading the info to a cloud based genealogy site too (I think) to ensure I've got the data.  Some lessons there about digital continuity!

This is Pusscat - he was made for me by my grandma.


  1. well done Master 7 that's awesome progress. I am pleased that you are feeling better about things Penny. I know it's been a hard road for you all but it seems to be paying off now. Great news on the family tree/software. Aww at Pusscat, very adorable.

  2. Good news about Mr 7.

    I have no faith in primnary teachers reporting to parents. Last year (year 6) we were told his writing was of concern and his maths was excellent. This year at intermediate his maths is of concern and his writing is fantastic! Go with your gut feeling.