Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#blogjune Day 15: In which I make ninjas

Mr7 came home with a notice about a shared lunch at school.. Tomorrow! Grrr. Of course, there is the option to send him along with his own lunch if "I prefer" according to the note. Ha! Who wants to be the kid who's Mum send him along with an individual lunch?

So I made cheesy mite pinwheel scones and ninja bread men (actually ninja short bread men).

Hence the lack of significant blog post.

And the lack of parental unit lunches made. We're going to "order" tomorrow.

Remember ordering your lunch at school? We hardly ever did, so it was a treat. These days the offerings are almost sophisticated. You can get pies of course, but at Mr7's school they offer soup and bread, pasta bakes and quite a range of other stuff.

In my day there were pies, sandwiches and sausage rolls. One sandwich option included vegemite and potato chips on white bread.. A dreadful combination that I still indulge in now and again. There was a particular way you had to eat your pie too. First you peeled the flakey pastry bit by bit off the top. Then you ate the top. Then you scooped the filling (with your fingers) and then you ate the rest of the pastry. The pies were Big Ben brand.


  1. Oh, you're a good Mummy! Why do they give such short notice for these things? Annoying! But I'm sure the shortbread ninjas will go down a treat.

    Ah, I remember doing that with my pie on those very rare and special "lunch order days". We called them duck ponds. There was something so gross, and yet so delicious, about eating an entire pastry pie shell. Such a Kiwi kid tradition!! They don't sell pies at my boys' canteen, in fact I don't even know if my boys have ever had a pie (from a bakery, I mean. I make them at home sometimes). I don't think I'll be teaching them the duck pond trick, anyways ...

  2. I still eat my pie that way, only i use a spoon now lol.

  3. wow soup and bread on a school menu that's rather posh for a winter school lunch. Yes, I used to eat my pies like that and sometimes I still do but like Limechai I use a teaspoon lol. Yum at the cheesy mite pinwheels

  4. sounds a cool lunch for Mr7 to take :-)
    I do remember being able to order lunch at primary school ... we were allowed about 1 a term I think! There was a fish & chip shop over the road from school that did orders so that's what my sister and I always chose - hotdog and chips hehee