Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#blogjune Day 29: In which I get a delightful parcel

of goodies from Janine! :)

#dailyimage2011 29 June pamper

I did have a little giggle at the paper you wrapped the soap in J9 ;-)  Looking forward to using them!  As soon as I opened the package I could smell the lovely scent - thank you.

Today I didn't get anything done on my paper but I did watch the live stream of Nethui which began today.  I had put my name on the waiting list for attendance but didn't hold out much hope of getting a registration, but lo!  the library's PA came in to tell me I did and so I'm attending tomorrow afternoon and Friday morning.  Looking forward to being there in person.  I have to say that Ziln did a great job of live streaming and were responsive to tweets about sound etc from those watching which does them credit.

There was some interesting discussion today and the tweet stream for #nethui is representative of what the sessions were about.

One thing that struck me in the Digital literacy session and the session entitled 21st Century Parenting - Challenges and Solutions, was the focus on Facebook and privacy/safety issues.  It would appear that Facebook is held up as an example of what can go wrong in terms of safety online and lack of digital literacy.  It bothers me that there are those out there that a) don't bother to dig deep into the settings on their Facebook profile b) let kids younger than 13 use Facebook and c) use ignorance as a cop out to ignore modelling good online behaviour.

Another thing that bothered me from the digital literacy session was the focus of some of the contributors on the basic computing skills such as word processing.  I guess I'm more at the information literacy part of the continuum where I feel it is important for people to have discernment when it comes to evaluating where information comes from rather than basic "How To Use Auto Sum In Excel".  Clearly, these basic skills are important but I fear for the ability of people to be good digital citizens if all we're teaching them in terms of digital literacy is how to use the functionality of a programme effectively.

Anyway, there was lots of food for thought.


  1. I saw your message at 11pm last phone was on silent and hidden on the table under scrapping supplies. I didn't think you would appreciate a text at 11 last night lol. Glad you had a giggle at the paper....I ripped it out from my ladies home journal magazine.

    So interesting about Facebook and children. I have nieces and nephews on there and one of them had a ban from his parents for three months, as a result of my mum calling my brother and suggesting he take a look at the material on his f/b page. Enjoy your sessions at Nethui.

  2. Ditto about the comments :D