Sunday, June 26, 2011

#blogjune Day 26: In which Mr 7 write about harvesters

This post is bought to you by Mr7 who is telling me what to write.

Harvesters harvest grain, in a big field in a group.  Because there are usually groups of them harvesting one part. 

Harvester approaches

[Harvester approaches by Mostly Dans]

Harvesters pour out the grain out of the auger into a special trailer with an auger that can fold down and fold up.

combined harvester
[combined harvester by Mostly Dans]

evening harvest

[evening harvest by Mostly Dans]

 There are different brands of harvesters that are John Deere, Claas, and New Holland.


  1. hehee I love how little boys know everything! :-) Loved reading that - thanks Tim :-)
    Hope you and Lydia are feeling better today! Hugs R

  2. Well that made for interesting reading Master 7. Thank you I learnt something new.

  3. Thanks Master 7. Very intersting. Will tell my Master 2 all about them tomorrow but he is pretty obsessed with tractors...