Monday, April 24, 2006

Reflections on this course


I like the idea of blogging. I do think it is a communication tool we could use to good effect with our students and on a personal level too. But there is no point blogging if one doesn't have something to say, so whether I'll maintain this blog in the future remains to be seen. I admire other librarians who blog reflectively but am not sure I'm capable of such. We shall see. I know I could do a personal blog but who would read it... my life isn't that exciting!


This was fun. I've just listened to the podcast Fran and I did as an experimental Library Tour. Fran sounds great, I need to speak up. We need to practice our speech too - some hesitations there. Also, I need to speak in a more conversational style as I sound too formal and like I'm reading something (which I am!).

I think we could do more with this. We need to look into some editing software for PCs though because that is what we use here in the library. As great as Macs are, I just can't see us moving to that platform when most library management software is wedded to PCs. (In fact, I can't think of any library system that uses the Mac platform but there may be one of course). So - that means using what we have.

Making a podcast that sounds professional is going to take some work. I'm going to have to learn more about audio stuff because it is an area I don't know a lot about.


Even though Flock is still in beta version I'm quite impressed. I already use Firefox pretty much exclusively at home and work so Flock is not "unfamiliar" and has some excellent adddional features. I suppose I'd better add it to the options in Deamweaver and test out our pages in it.

Friday, April 21, 2006

pdas, wireless, and technolust

The trouble with coming on these courses is I see all this funky technology which fuels my technolust!


I know some of our students and staff have PDAs - particularly our nursing staff/students. I suspect we should try and cater to their needs a little more than we actually do. Our webpage doesn't look too bad on them, our catalogue isn't too bad, but some of our other pages don't look too good. Trying to search our databases is okay but reading any full text would be a mission.


Think this is a good way to go, IF the connection can be stable. We already have a few dead spots around the library and suspect it would be the case if we had campus wide wireless.


We are already doing this and according to our site meter, people are reading them. We probably need to encourage our subject librarians to use them more.


I know I suffer from this! LOL! But at the same time I do think we need to try a few things out and see if they work for us. Else we'll come to the edge of the "new technology" cliff and find we don't have a nice parachute to steady our leap into the new world!

Using a PDA

to post this! pretty cool huh! 'cept my wireless cxn keepshing :(my wireless cxn keeps crashing. I think I need a PDA, wonder if I can persuade Judy to get me one!? I doubt it.... LOL!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

And another one - bit more sophisticated

Maybe this is the sort of thing we should do. It's interesting playing with Garageband. More complicated for someone who hasn't had much to do with music making apart from playing the piano now and again. I've never had to think about outputs, inputs, echo etc. Some of the jargon is new to me.

Anyhow - here's the page with it on. Podomatic Page

And here is the link to the the feed.

Think it's time to go home now! My head is a bit sore.

Reflections on using Quick Time

I must say it is pretty easy. Quality isn't that good, but we're not in a recording studio or anything. Might be a good option for Rod if he wants to podcast for the ERCC web site.

My first podcast

Here it is - need to work on getting my words out better as there are a few stumbles in there.

Podcast Page


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

another cheesy grin

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love the light coming out of my face!!??

Here we all are then!

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Fran and I on this podcasting course.


Testing Flock's ability to edit and post to blogs.

Why "walking upside down"?

One of my favourite animals are geckos who can walk upside down due to their feet having specially designed sucky surfaces on them.

And I live down under!