Friday, April 21, 2006

pdas, wireless, and technolust

The trouble with coming on these courses is I see all this funky technology which fuels my technolust!


I know some of our students and staff have PDAs - particularly our nursing staff/students. I suspect we should try and cater to their needs a little more than we actually do. Our webpage doesn't look too bad on them, our catalogue isn't too bad, but some of our other pages don't look too good. Trying to search our databases is okay but reading any full text would be a mission.


Think this is a good way to go, IF the connection can be stable. We already have a few dead spots around the library and suspect it would be the case if we had campus wide wireless.


We are already doing this and according to our site meter, people are reading them. We probably need to encourage our subject librarians to use them more.


I know I suffer from this! LOL! But at the same time I do think we need to try a few things out and see if they work for us. Else we'll come to the edge of the "new technology" cliff and find we don't have a nice parachute to steady our leap into the new world!

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