Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A shorter book - no appendix

I've been on an adventure to hospital land.

On Thursday 13th Sept I had a stomach ache all day. I thought it was a bug but it didn't go away and I didn't vomit.  So Friday 14th Sept I went to the doctor first thing.  He sent me to North Shore Hospital and I was admitted.  I spent a short while in the admissions area before getting sent upstairs to the surgical ward.  There I was instructed to shower and put on some disposable undies.  That combined with the hospital gown, surgical stockings and funny hat completed my fashion disaster!

At 6.00pm that night I had a laparoscopic appendectomy.  At 7.30pm I woke to an irritatingly cheerful recovery nurse calling to me... just want to sleeeeeeeeep.

It was all a wee bit dramatic! But I'm glad I did go when I did else I might have had to wait longer.

I didn't feel like eating until 3pm the day after the operation so ended up staying another night in the ward.  This was my breakfast the day I came home.  Hospital food isn't too exciting.

I spent the week at home recovering, doing nothing - felt so lazy, but as the surgeon said I had been stabbed in the stomach three times so I did need to rest.

Now I'm back at work and ticking along.