Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A shorter book - no appendix

I've been on an adventure to hospital land.

On Thursday 13th Sept I had a stomach ache all day. I thought it was a bug but it didn't go away and I didn't vomit.  So Friday 14th Sept I went to the doctor first thing.  He sent me to North Shore Hospital and I was admitted.  I spent a short while in the admissions area before getting sent upstairs to the surgical ward.  There I was instructed to shower and put on some disposable undies.  That combined with the hospital gown, surgical stockings and funny hat completed my fashion disaster!

At 6.00pm that night I had a laparoscopic appendectomy.  At 7.30pm I woke to an irritatingly cheerful recovery nurse calling to me... just want to sleeeeeeeeep.

It was all a wee bit dramatic! But I'm glad I did go when I did else I might have had to wait longer.

I didn't feel like eating until 3pm the day after the operation so ended up staying another night in the ward.  This was my breakfast the day I came home.  Hospital food isn't too exciting.

I spent the week at home recovering, doing nothing - felt so lazy, but as the surgeon said I had been stabbed in the stomach three times so I did need to rest.

Now I'm back at work and ticking along.


  1. Definitely an eventful few days for you!! I'm glad you have recovered well from your surgery, and that you no longer have to wear the oh-so-fashionable white stockings!

  2. Hospital attire sounds fabulous ... it's a good thing it was only the stockings you had to wear for days after. Glad to hear you are now back at work and ticking along.