Monday, August 27, 2012

Koru Lounge for cats

I finally got Baa Baa's fleeces washed and carded so I can felt with them.  Being a Romney (or Romney cross) the fleece is coarser than the merino I've worked with before so I wanted to do a project with it whereby the result wasn't too critical.  I wanted to check the amount of shrinkage I was likely to get and basically how it would work.

As it turns out, it shrinks less than the merino, but felts up into a firm felt.  It is definitely harder to felt with.  I had to do some very firm rubbing and it seemed to be "fluffier" than merino but perhaps I needed to work it more.  Rolling it was very physical and I got tired and sore. 

My choice of project was a pod/cave for Mum's cats. I made a huge resist shaped like a tear so I could do some concentric folds at one end and I made a tail to attach to it.

Mr8 decided it should be called the Koru Lounge for cats.

Here's Tiger inspecting the new accommodation.

It got his seal of approval.

Further inspection was required by Midge.

I left it the plain cream of the wool itself, but I might try dying the next one.  I only used 2 layers of wool for this one - more layers would be better for firmness but a lot harder to work!  Perhaps a smaller version next time.

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