Thursday, August 02, 2012

New Look 6000 again & Simplicity 2675

Mine is made from a wool crepe, Miss5 is a corduroy that my mum sewed mostly and I finished off. Miss5 chose the fabric and insisted on the Hello Kitty stockings ;-)

I like the dressiness of this pattern. I was able to use some black textured fabric I got free from a seamstress who was shutting up shop for the collar. I really wanted a larger silver button feature but couldn't find one as big as I liked. Might have to go searching on Felt ( for a brooch.

New Look 6000 & Simplicity 2675

Also made some hand warmers for Hannah on request.

 Handwarmers for Hannah finished


  1. Beautiful dresses! You really suit that colour, and Lydia looks adorable.
    I LOVE my hand warmers, and have had a few oohs and aahs when I've worn them to soccer. You might be flooded with requests to make more when people read this ... hmm, perhaps you can start a little side business, or sell at the markets? I think I got a real bargain, and love that they are unique and one-of-a-kind (unlike my friends' generic fingerless gloves). Thanks again!

  2. Aww you two could be pattern models. Beautiful dresses and I love Miss L's choice of fabric/pattern. Loving that colour on you Miss Penny. That collar is gorgeous. Oh yes a lovely big brooch would be fab. Or maybe you could make a fimo one? like you did for your conference last year. Whoo hoo at your hand warmers...sounds like a great little side market too.