Sunday, June 12, 2011

#blogjune Day 12: In which I get creative

Although it won't be of much interest to most #blogjune-ers I actually got to do some scrapbooking (and I made 2 cards).  It's been a while since I did any paper craft so I feel quite happy about that.  Well, apart from the odd card made in a rush that is!

Bad photo this one - the light had gone by the time I finished it. Will take another.

I did make creme brulee and used my blow torch on it, but no photos because both my cameras had their batteries on the charger.  And now they are eaten.  But I did learn that despite the recipe I used, brown sugar is not a good option, white sugar is better and preferably caster sugar (which I didn't have).  So... more learning but nevertheless tasty.  I know there are more people wanting to eat creme brulee so there will be further opportunity for perfection!  Ha!

Mr7 got creative too.  He wanted to make a movie of his creation so here it is.  It is also the reason my cameras are now needing their batteries charged.


  1. Loved loved the movie and explanation of the solar power station. Whoo hooo for scrapping, I am going to have a go at it myself sometime this winter lol....LOL Miss L is quite the diva and that layout is cute....cracked me up with her crocodile tears for the camera lol.

    Yum at creme brulee.....

  2. wow I can never do scrapbooking cos I just don't know when to stop adding beautiful things to it...

  3. Your LO's are lovely Penny :-)
    Aaron & I have enjoyed watching Tim's video heheee Love all his details! :-) Aaron kept asking why L was crying though hehee
    Hope your week is a great one.

  4. I agree, beautiful layouts :) And isn't it wonderful to find/make time to do these things?

    And the video - love it so much!!

  5. Good to see some scrapping creativity ... and I want creme brulee!

  6. Love the Diva LO. It is so hard to find scrapping time. Hoping to go to an all day crop Saturday but depends on kids/hubby, eg. life!