Thursday, June 02, 2011

Day 2: Diligent Room Tweetup

Owing to some sharp monitoring of tweets I noticed a southerly Diligent Room blogger was in town so a tweet up was in order!

Thanks to some willing grandparents we were able to get together sans sproglets - a rare treat for some of us ;-)

A night of conversation ranging from phenomenology to converting the entire NZ library nation to Koha, laughs and dessert.
The obligatory photo in which we all look like nutters, including the dude with the saxophone... and so to bed.

Did you notice?  My eyes are flashing!  *gasp* eyemote alert!


  1. awwww gotta love a get together at short notice like that, love the photo, looks like it was a fantastic time ...

  2. Great photo very festive :o)