Thursday, June 16, 2011

#blogjune Day 16: In which I try Google's new image search and am surprised

Google has launched a new way to search - by image.  Whereas before you could search via text for an image, now you can use the image itself.  With some surprising results as I found when using a profile photo I have of myself.

Google didn't find where I'd used the photo.  Other photos I tried would show me places where the photo had been posted or used.  For this photo it did make some suggestions of visually similar images - I think this is based on colours.  Some of those suggestions were surprising...

Especially the one on the bottom right corner.  I look like a bare bottom?  I shall run away to bare bottom land!*

*You need to read Bad Jelly the Witch to get this reference.


  1. what interesting images you got back, the mind boggles or in this case goggles lol

  2. How hilarious about the last picture!

  3. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Fork lightning and spoon lightning!

    I had a wee twiddle with Starry Night, their example picture in the tutorial. Haven't tried my own.

    Given that picture is hosted online, is it possible that you could improve the metadata around it?

  4. Haven't tried that ... how hilarious alright! Bare bottoms indeed!! ;-)