Tuesday, June 07, 2011

#blogjune Day 7: In which I blether on about elearning, technology, libraries and pedagogy

over at TROID...

and just for Janine and anyone else who is keen, here is the link to the Dahl recipe I mentioned in the previous curry post.  It's quite a soupy one so serve it in separate bowls. :)

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  1. Thanks Penny, I have this recipe saved now :-) I should have done a search myself on our blog lol

    Hey I read our post on the other blog but wasn't sure if I was allowed to leave a comment.

    Interesting post, and lots of food for thought. When I started my teaching degree via elearning, which I must say I think Waikato Uni do very well, we would spend three weeks at uni throughout the year.

    During our week sessions on campus we would meet the lecturer and do any practical requirements required of us for assignments.We would also have conversation/sessions on what would be expected of us during the course we were studying.

    From memory we had one to two sessions with the staff from the library.one of them included a tour in the library, showing us the floors, and practical things associated with it.

    The second session was in a lecture theater with them standing at the front of the room and showing us how to use the catalouge and tips on search terms.

    I like your idea of having a conversation about conversations, as I still never felt confident about using the catalouge and some of the databases. I got the most success when I did a one to one with a librarian and the conversation was directed by me and the learning was based on the need now what it was assumed I needed.