Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reflections on blogging every day in June

Well it's been...
1. A good experience.  I've enjoyed it.  It has renewed my interest in blogging.
2. An educating experience.  I've learned from my fellow librarians who write excellent thought provoking posts on professional topics, I've laughed, smiled and felt like reaching across the Tasman to give some of them hugs in sympathy and support.
3. An enlarging experience. I now have even more blogs in Google Reader to read! I need to weed some of the scrapbooking ones from overseas that I'm just not enjoying anymore.  My stats on Google analytics have soared.  I notice the most prevalent browser has been bumped up to Firefox (yay) and Twitterfeed is now my highest referring site.  My post on Chocolate Chilli Ice Cream is still the most popular post though.  Most of my visitors are apparently from Auckland which is interesting.. they don't seem to comment though.  Melbourne is the Australian city with the most visitors.

So, thanks to my fellow bloggers in this exercise!
*PIIICHOW!!!* <---- releases party poppers


  1. Well done! Blogging everyday is not something I would want to take on ... but you have done well. Sorry I haven't commented on every post, I tried to comment on a few but rest assured I read them all :-)

  2. Totally agree with you about weeding saome of the overseas scrapbooking blogs- some I used to love are just blatant ads for their businesses now - not such fun.