Thursday, June 03, 2010

10 Reasons I love my library

1. It has a pirate stapler.

2. It lets you have lots of holds... for FREE. When the supercity happens I will highly peeved if we inherit charges for holds from Un-named City. Bah! Bah I tell you! edited to add: not every library in NZ charges for holds, but one of the major Auckland ones does.  Which I think stinks.

3. It hosts fun events like New Zealand Music Month.  Including bagpipes.

4. The staff get to have paper aeroplane fights at their Christmas party. (Note plane crash landed in halo).

5. It has the entire Beatles collection on CD and it lets you borrow them.

6. You can sign up to get library notices via txt.

7. It has cool spaces for different needs.

8. It keeps your reading history for you.  This is great for remembering what you read for monthly reading round ups! edited to add: this is an opt in option. You don't have to choose it if you are concerned about privacy.

9. It promotes the use of eco-bags to carry your books in.

10. The boss sends me to cool conferences like National Digital Forum and VALA.


  1. Wow! I wish our library had kept track of what I read. That would have made things easier. Now I just use goodreads or an excel sheet on my computer.

  2. your library is fab. In welly we have to pay for holds. Secondly they do not keep a reading history which I think sucks!!! That's one of my pet peeves.

    By the way I ended up buying Hilaray Mantals books and have started reading it. I got sidetracked though by some Laura Child books - The Teashop Mystery series.

    I have on DVD Coco and Julie and Julia if you wanted to borrow them?

  3. Whaaaat?? You have to pay for holds in NZ? We (in QLD) don't even charge overdue fees, I think there'd be a lynch mob at the door if we tried that on.

    I'm undecided on the reading history thing - my old library in Melbourne used to keep it which was interesting as a borrower, but present library are adamant that we don't for privacy reasons, which I get too.

    BTW - That stapler is the most awesome thing I have seen today!

  4. free staff reservations are great, spaces to sit and relax are so important- but for privacy reasons we don't keep a borrowing history for readers where I work

  5. Sounds like a great library! Love the pirate stapler (for some reason I thought it said "private stapler" the first time I read it).

    Our library sends emails for books that are almost due. This is GREAT when your kids ALWAYS lose the slip with the due dates printed on it!

  6. Oh I do like your Pirate stapler, and everything else, especially the reservations, we can only have six.

  7. The Library I sit on the advisory panel for charges for holds. It's my pet peeves and I'm sure they're tired of hearing about it but it drives me mad. I joined another library in the city so I can order my holds from them!

  8. i love my library, too, although their (lack of) children's programs are capital L Lame.

    i elect not to get that reading history on principle, because in the US, the gov't keeps tabs on it via our lovely Patriot Act, which is totally creepy!

    (although, i'm sure they're watching anyway. the stack of children's lit in my bag clearly reveal my inner revolutionary;)

  9. Jackie - not all QLD libraries don't charge for holds. Here in Brisbane they charge 80cents (up from 50c only a few months back) for holds. My Mum is OUTRAGED because the 50c was supposedly for the cost of a stamp. Now that it's all electronic and there's therefore no stamp she reckons (logically) that the price should have disappeared. Instead, they jacked it up. It's a large library service (Brisbane is a big city and all under one local government area) but still they'd be making money rather than just covering transport costs.