Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Meal Plan for this week

Ha! Menu planing. Now this one should give me at least one post per week for June. *rubs hands and cackles*

Not sure what it is about this time of year, but I find my interest in cooking peaks in winter time, especially when it comes to puddings.  I think it is the side of me that wants to solve everyone's problems by giving them food.

I accidentally ordered the large vege box this week instead of my normal medium family box.  This means we have a lot of veges and fruit to eat!  Including 2 cauliflowers, 2 broccolis and 2 cabbages.  Brassica bounty! 

The box itself provides entertainment too.


Monday - sausages/vension rissoles, oven fries, broccoli (I know, so balanced and gourmet but it's a weeknight)
Tuesday - Burritos with the usual fixin's (easy for DH to prepare since it is my late night at work)
Wednesday - Thai beef salad
Thursday - Morrocan style chicken tomato curry with Israeli couscous, wilted spinach
Friday - lamb steaks with lemon, mustard and feta, roasted beetroot, sauteed silverbeet, carrots
Saturday - vege soup, apple pie
Sunday - a roast dinner (beef, taters etc), some sort of pudding... maybe involving poached pears if I can get to the booze shop for some wine

Baking: I want to make Nigel Slater's Coffee and Walnut cake or his marmalade cake. 

The thing about menu planning is that it makes me peruse my cookbooks more.  This week uses ideas and recipes from these books.

Pity my cooking inspiration doesn't extend to making lunches. *sigh*

I think I might treat this daily blogging as fodder for a photo/scrapbooking essay.  Will see how it goes.  It might give me the kick in the pants to scrapbook.  In any case, it will document some everyday things which are sometimes forgotten.


  1. Wow you are so organised. Cardboard boxes are the best toys in the world :o)

  2. I watched Cook and the Chef one time and noticed Maggie Beer's recipe books- loads of bits of paper sticking out with notes, comments. I have started doing that a bit too... I will blog on my recipe books and photograph my shelves- sometime during June.

  3. What a gorgeous smile DD has :) I take it she is well over her cold/infection.

  4. I think I am the same when it comes to winter. Food + winter = comfort food.

  5. Yep boxes are the best toys! ;-)
    Your meals sound good ... you wanta come & cook at my place? ;-)

  6. Hey your DD is gorgeous. I agree with you about winter + food. I haven't enjoyed cooking in an age but lately have been cooking alot & even cakes.

  7. Sounds so yummy!

  8. Anonymous2:15 pm

    There is nothing like yummy smells coming from a warm kitchen in winter. I'm thinking I should write down a weekly meal plan instead of having some vague idea in my head!