Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 21: Menu Plan Monday

I asked the kids what they wanted to eat for dinner this week and the answer was pizza from both of them.  So I guess we'll have to insert that in somewhere.  The other suggestions were peas-meat-and-gravy, fish fingers, pasta and pie.

DH isn't very forthcoming with ideas. "Something Moroccan." he says.

Going to use my new @home with love/ Julie le Clerc book a bit.

Monday - lamb chops marinated with mustard/garlic/lemon juice/rosemary infused avocado oil, mashed potatoes, silverbeet, carrots.  Also made gravy from the pan juices as I had a craving for mashed taters and gravy.
Tuesday - Moroccan chicken & tamarillo tagine with extra veges (crockpot), rice. (My late night, only one more of these to go! Hoorah!)
Wednesday - pork mince rissoles (garlic, rosemary in them), peas, yams
Thursday - Spiced couscous salad with lamb & feta
Friday - Chicken & vegetables with fragrant peanut sauce
Saturday - Spicy beef and carrot stew to put in a pie, veges
Sunday - Pizza

I tried to make these coconut bikkies tonight.

Except I managed to turn the oven too hot, so mine turned out like this.

More like wafers!  They taste fine, just weren't quite what I planned.  Probably would be good with ice cream.


  1. Your weekly menu sounds so yummy!

  2. I agree with Hannah, my mouth was watering and I had just finished eating two pieces of fruit too lol

    I love any dish with coconut in it lol

  3. Hehehehee Aaron would choose pizza most days of the week I think! ;-)
    Your bikkies look great ... yes try them with ice cream and choc sauce :-)