Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Day 8: Menu Plan Monday on a Tuesday

The trouble with a long weekend is that I think Monday is another Sunday!

Anyway, meal plan for this week.  Last week got a bit mucky towards the end so I ended up doing some things differently hence the revisit of one item on this week's plan.

Monday - spag bog (can't beat it for quick and tasty. Mr6 loves pasta and Miss3 wasn't feeling well so this was okay for her.  DH and I added chilli sauce.)
Tuesday - pot roast in the crockpot for DH to serve up. (My late night at work... so glad not to do this come July and my new position).
Wednesday - Nigella's chicken* & sausage roast, rice, some sort of veges that I think up on the night
Thursday - smoked fish pie (one pot dish)
Friday - chicken jambalaya, spinach salad
Saturday - lamb and pea tagine, cous cous
Sunday - French onion soup with breadand toasted gruyere cheese

*which involves mixing up mustard, worchestershire sauce, lemon juice and olive oil and marinading the chicken pieces in it before mixing with some sausages, onions in wedges and some dried sage. Chuck in the lemon rinds too and roast.  I like good quality pork and fennel sausages with it best.  Inf fact, if you can't get decent sausages, leave them out.  It's still good.


  1. Lol I kept on thinking today is Monday as well. Oh I like the sound of Nigellas's chicken and sausage roast

  2. Is fish pie a NZ thing? I've only ever seen it in kiwi tv programs ch 10 shows over here late at night.