Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 28: on the home stretch

Aaaaaannnd I'm running out of oomph!

1 good thing -
This TEDTalk by Tim Brown on creativity and play.  He talks about designing experiences, something we do in libraries both physically and virtually.

1 bad thing -
Not sure my leading the discussion in the journal club today was entirely successful.  I think I need to tighten up the talk or something.  I wanted something practical to come from it and should have made it clear from the beginning but was constrained by my desire not to prevent people from expressing their opinion.  I wasn't sure if they would agree to having a practical outcome. *sigh* oh well...

One thing I learned -
I am more nervous presenting to my colleagues than when I am to a whole lecture theatre of students.  The difference? I know I know more than the students so feel more confident.

Linky love - Graph Jam... particularly this one on types of sources university students use for their assignments.  (Yes you can make your own :-P )


  1. As one who was at the journal club, I overheard others saying it was great having the discussion at the broader, more general level. We hardly ever do that.


  2. I do so agree, talking to a room full of professional information people is scary bad. I 'know' i know more that the students! {virtual support}

  3. whooo hooo. Penny "fake it till you make it" thats my mantra, that and some rescue remedy to calm the nerves.

    I think if you are being honest you were probably being too hard on yourself.

    From what Fran said in the comments above it was a success.

  4. Yep - always harder to talk to your colleagues :)
    That link on referencing was funny. I confess to using Wikipedia for ONE assignment (but it was about social media so seemed to be appropriate!)