Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 14: Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Sticky Chick in the crockpot, rice, stir fry veg
Tuesday: Pies, peas and chips (terrible I know! but easy for DH to prepare and the kids love pies. So do I).
Wednesday: Pasta Carbonara (going to use fusilli), pear, spinach, blue cheese and walnut salad
Thursday: Sticky Asian Oxtail (going to attempt this in the crockpot), rice, Asian greens
Friday: Vego Hamburgers plus the usual fixings.
Saturday: Pork vindaloo (free range pork was on special at Nosh) and some vege curries including this dal.  Might make some roti or pooris too.
Sunday: some sort of soup - saw a recipe somewhere for a Thai pumpkin one so might try that but will have to make something separate for DS who doesn't like pumpkin.

I finished off Miss3's slippers with butterflies (her request), still in the process of doing Mr6's.

Going to see the Shanachie's tomorrow!


  1. Mmm, Penny, your weekly menus always make my mouth water!

    A pie every so often isn't going to hurt the wee ones.

  2. oh the slippers turned out beautifully......I love Pie too....go the pie lol

    I have become a fan of Dal.

  3. mmm, pies. I like the veggie pies at Dinkum Pies in Melbourne.

  4. Anonymous6:47 pm

    I enjoy reading what you guys have every week! lol

  5. We do ours on Friday, before shopping on Saturday...