Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 29: Monday Bunday #Bunpride

A little flurry of tweets from some of my fellow librarians has prompted this one.

I'm quite sure you are familiar with the stereotype?
Bun. Check.
Glasses. Check.
Shhhh. Check.
Pearls. Check.
Twin set. Bonus point!
Something like this...
(who is not a librarian BTW)

Anyway, there was much talk of buns and hair and a suggestion that we should reclaim the bun and wear it with pride! Which led to further talk about styles.  I claim my french roll is a bun in disguise. @fionawb and @nomesd have egged me on to post a step by step guide to french rolls.

Well, this is how I do mine, takes me 5 mins.  (My friend Rachel does hers differently - maybe she will show us!)

Step 1. Brush hair.

Step 2. Scoop the front part into a clip.

Step 3. Grab the back of the hair like you're going to do a pony tail and twist.

Step 4. Twist the tail around on itself and tuck under the roll bit. You can see the fluffy bit of the tail sticking out the bottom of the roll part here.  I usually stick a few bobby pins in the top bit at this stage.

Step 5. Take the fluffy tail and twist some more and poke it under the roll.

Step 6. Pin the rest of the roll. Voila!

 Hmmm. Maybe a video would have been easier.  But my DH already thinks I'm loopy posting this so.. another time. On request.


  1. You do realise what DH could stand for don't you? ;)
    thanks for this! I'm gonna give it a try as I always envy those who can do a beautiful french twist on their own.

  2. Anonymous10:43 pm

    OMG hahhaha if there is a vote I will totally vote this as one of the best blog entry!!! Loving loving it!!!!!!!!!! bestest!! - HOI

  3. Good one :-)
    So does this mean I am disguised as a librarian? hehehe Well I do like books! ;-)
    Trust you to suggest I show how I do my french roll when I have just had about 10 inches lopped off! hahaha that will teach me! Was getting some serious headaches that weren't due to chocolate withdrawal and it was time for my yearly hair trim, so Lyndon really trimmed it! It's just below my bra strap now, but I can still put it up :-)
    I'll have to wait till L is back from Finland to get step by step pics anyway. Maybe next week! ;-) Takes me about 5 minutes to do mine as well. Wish I could do the front of mine like you do. Doing the front of mine takes the longest.

  4. Gosh. I will to have to grow my hair so I can do that LOL

    Either that or plait my beard ;)

    DW keeps threatening to do that anyway

  5. I love the look of long hair on other people but I would never have the patience to do something like this every morning. Short hair still for me.

  6. That's bloody awesome!!!!

    I've managed to even convince a non-librarian to support Bunday #bunpride!

    Thanks for posting.


  7. Oh my word - you have such long hair!

  8. ummm, i still don't know if i could manage this!

    some guys go crazy for the sexxy librarian look. when i waitressed, there was this rough, abrasive chef who got all googly-eyed and sweet whenever i wore my glasses with my hair in a messy bun--and i usually only wear my glasses when i'm exhausted (AKA not looking my best.)

    keep rockin' that look, penny:)