Sunday, June 06, 2010

Day 6: Appliance love post

Sally wrote a post about her kitchen appliances and I thought it a cool idea so here is my list of favourite appliances.

1.  My Kitchen Aid.  It's red, it goes fast and has curves... what's not to love?! I got it for my birthday in 2007 - it's arrival was rather amusing.  I think I've used it every week on average.  It has featured in a few posts on this blog.

2. The Espresso machine. We've had an espresso machine for a fair while now.  I can't deny I'm a coffee snob. It is one of my guilty pleasures .

3. The dishwasher.  When we bought the house in 2000 it didn't have a dishwasher.  We'd promised ourselves that our house would have one so we installed one.  I would hate to be without it now.  Some people have said that washing dishes by hand promote fellowship and family bonding.  That has never been my experience.

4. The crockpot. I probably use this every week as well. It means I have to get things ready the night before but it pays the next day because tea is on the table sooner.  Which is great when you are an evil working mother and your daughter falls asleep by the oven if you don't get tea on soon enough.   I actually have 2 crockpots.  A large oval one and my grandmother's one.

5. Fridge/freezer/chest freezer... saves us from getting salmonella, buying food daily ... all that stuff
6. Washing machine. I couldn't cope without it.
7. Sewing machine.  My mum bought me my first machine when I was a teenager and I've had one ever since.  I've made so much stuff on my machine.  Even a bag hide and tent for DH to use for bird photography.  I should get myself an overlocker one of these days.  Mum's one is living at my place at the moment and I really should give it back.


  1. I have kitchen appliance envy after reading your post. I love you Kitchen aid - how cool is it!
    I believe @rachelwray posted a picture of a red kitchen aid in Feb, I think she got one the same for her birthday.

  2. Ooh - All the refernces to slow cookers are legitimising in my mind me buying one. Sure I would use it for healthier eating- especially if I can steal recipes off you like with my sponges : - )

  3. Love that Kitchen Aid! And yes - would never be without the dishwasher.

    And being a working mum isn't evil :)

  4. I was with you until the last item...I can't sew to save my life and the sight of a sewing machine makes me anxious (I think it's all those school sewing projects I stuffed up), but I just love my red KitchenAid- curves yes! and a most wonderful machine

  5. Your list is similar to mine...except the espresso would be first and the cake mixer about 5th (I don't get time to use it as much as I would like to).

  6. I 'heart' your red Kitchen aid mixer. I (to quote my son when he was younger) neeeeeed one of those!
    I have the food processor in the red colour and its fantastic!

  7. loved this post and your red kictehn aid would fit in nicely in this home lol. Actually we were talking about them at our course on Sunday as we used one to whip up ta healing butter ( so much quicker than a handblender). We discussed engines etc lol. As for the coffee machine like you I am a snob.....and there is nothing wrong with that. Love that you have your grandmothers crockpot.

  8. Yes I do have a red Kitchen Aid that I got for my birthday. It hasn't got much use yet but it is a stunning addition to our kitchen.

    We have also just bought a set of red Kitchen Aid pots and pans with money from our wedding. We didn't need new pots and pans but they were on special and they looked so good.