Friday, December 07, 2007

Flaunt it Friday: Guilty Pleasures

Okay.. these are the guilty pleasures I am prepared to reveal in such a place!

Firstly - coffee. It's got to be proper coffee. Preferably Atomic's Veloce blend.
Must. Have. It.
I know I'm an addict. Do I feel guilty? no.

Next - chocolate. Should be at least 70%. Must. Have. It. Don't feel guilty about this one either!

And thirdly - romance novels. Especially with sufficient rumpy-pumpy (tasteful of course) in them. Okay - I do fell a bit bad about this one. I mean, I'm a librarian. I should read improving literature for my mind. I should read complex plots with intricately twisted deeper meanings. Heroines who spend a whole chapter in eloquent self-absorbed navel gazing.

But I don't. Not usually. I like popular fiction and I like happy endings. And I like a bit of heart-racing, lip-licking nookie.

So there!


  1. LOL - you crack me up, penny. :) those sound like some great guilty pleasures to me too.

  2. Great post, now you've got me wondering what I'd list (publically) as my guilty pleasures! :)

  3. *chuckles* some nice 'vices' there Penny o.O I love fantasy, in fact cannot go to sleep without at least putting my nose into a nice book - usually fantasy and with heroines is the best!

  4. Good choices there and I see a couple of authors there that I have sitting on my bookshelf too - love them!

  5. Anonymous2:12 am

    Great Penny! I love this post! You slay me! You have negotiated this challenge with flying colors! Kudos! Do you think that I have gone too far this time?

    I love the nookie in the novels as well. As long as they are set in the proper historical period! Have you read "The Dark Queen"? How about "The Birth of Venus?". Love it!

    Thanks for participating in this weeks Flaunt It Friday! Hey, commenters, feel free to play along at Flaunt It Friday HQ !

  6. Love Diana Galbadon too! Love your guilty pleasures. Stay tuned for mine!

  7. Weekend, and the second week into the christmascelebrations. I hope everything is great – I`ve just survival a cold. I thought I should make an inspirationsround before I go home from work.

    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Hannah9:00 am

    LOL Penny, you are so funny!! Good on you for sharing your guilty pleasures!! :-)

    Guess what?

    I hate coffee.
    I don't like dark chocolate.
    I've never read a romance novel.

    How hilarious is that?!?!

  9. Too funny!!

    I love chocolate, but don't really care for the dark stuff.

  10. Love your vices. I have the good coffee and cocolate ones too though I don't drink coffee (DH does) I am still a coffee snob.

    As for the romance novels - not quite me but I laughed about the nooky bits - Lisa (see the link on my blog) writes romance novels and says those bits are the hardest to write!

  11. LOL loved your list Penny. I don't drink coffee but love chocolate... really did LOL about the romance novels too :)

  12. I totally laughed when I read about the romance novels! It made me remember when I first discovered them! LOL


  13. Hmm chocolate - but I prefer science fiction to romance novels. Except Mr Darcy - I will make an exception for him :)

  14. romance novels!!! how come you don't list those on your reading round ups?;)