Monday, December 03, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Didn't make it last week - too much on to think about it. This week is much the same but will attempt a bit of one.

Mon - roast chook + veges of some sort
Tues - smoked chicken + blue cheese in spinach crepes, asparagus, home made ciabatta
Wed - Cheese Kranskys on buns with sauerkraut (brats on buns = bratwurst in a roll ;-) ) + salad
Thurs - Grilled Lamb, lemon risotto, broccoli
Fri - Lasagne
Sat - Stir fry chicken & veges
Sun - Bacon, salad, maybe a quiche (something quick)

The vege garden is coming along and I have had to breeze an enormous head of broccoli. My lettuces are huge too, hence the frequency of salads.

Home grown broccoli has one drawback. Caterpillars. Despite generous dusting of organic Derris dust, they still seem to be about in great quantities. I do my best to get them off prior to cooking but even so... I inspect each floret I eat. It's difficult to enjoy home grown produce when you are trying to avoid eating home grown caterpillars.


  1. love your blog title!! what a delicious menu plan too.

  2. Janine aka Angel gurl8:02 am

    oh caterpillar watch

  3. Anonymous1:26 pm

    I don't know if you participate in these kind of games but... TAG, your it.