Sunday, July 04, 2010

Princess and Fairy skirts

Yesterday we had an invitation to a princess party.  I was a bit dissatisfied with the present I'd got for the little girl so at the last minute decided to make a fairy skirt for her.

Of course, I couldn't make one for the birthday girl without having one for Miss3. I need to get some more tulle for hers and remove the pink lace.

I also made a princess skirt each.

Ever since Sally posted about her French Knitting I've been thinking of getting one of these knitting bees for Mr5 to help with his fine motor skills. 

At first I wasn't sure he was going to get it but he was intrigued by the mechanics of it all and got stuck into making a "tube" as he's called it.  He seems to be enjoying it. ;-P  Gran might be getting a pot holder for Christmas!

I've had to do the odd bit for him because he does get himself mixed up sometime.  In fact, much of the one below is me redoing it because he managed to unravel a whole heap.  We've solved that problem by finding a bottle lid that fits over the prongs and prevent inadvertent unraveling.

I used to do this when I was a little girl but always had to get Mum to cast on for me.  Now I am the Mum so I had to quickly work out from the instructions how to do it!  I found it rather fun too and am seriously considering re-teaching myself to knit.  There are so many cool fibres out there and I can't really ask my Mum or my MIL to make stuff for me even though they would do it.

I'm on leave for the school holidays.  Here are the list of things I want to do while on leave!  Remains to be seen how much I will get done.

1. Various "health" related appointments e.g. dentist, "women's stuff"... not exactly what I want to do but rather have to do.
2. Make a dress I have planned for work. 
3. Sew up the pj pants I cut out for the family and never made up.
4. Sew the pinafore for Miss 3 that I cut out and overlocked. (I have a matching one!  She will hate me for it when she is older).
5. Go to Greedy Cat with the kids.
6. Have a long weekend in Rotovegas.  We're staying in a different place to our usual.. this one has a place you can cook your tea using steam from the thermal activity down there.  Mr6 is SUPER keen to do this. 
7. Have lunch with Em.
8. Learn felting
9. Make some cards and do some scrapbooking.  I have run out of cards for birthdays and kids cards.
10. Some other sewing things I hope.  Need to make a cover for my wheaty heaty.  Would like to make some pants for DH and Mr6 with matching hoodie tops.  We'll see.
11. Clean and tidy house.  Yeah, that'll last for about 5 minutes.


  1. Love the fairy skirt and it looks beautiful. I can remember french knitting, mum mad me one with a wooden cotten reel and tacks #memories :-))

  2. Love the fairy skirts! Am seriously considering a knitting nancy for miss 10 also, I had one when I was little but I wasn't very

  3. Love the skirts! Great list planned - I also have a long list in my head so best I write it down or I will forget

  4. I love the color of the skirt!!!! My mum used to make most of my clothes and I really hope I can do that for myself too!!! Mums are the BEST!!

  5. Anonymous8:29 pm

    great skirt! lol on the pot holder.

  6. Loving your list of holiday plans ... the next two weeks sound like they will be lots of fun! The skirts ... very pretty. And french knitting ... fantastic, go the pot holder! My kiddos have been playing with wool lately too ... only we've been doing the pom pom thing.

  7. Enjoy all your projects - get into some knitting or much fun and good therapy - kind of mobile as far as crafts go too! Love the skirts.

  8. What's that other double ended 2 pronged bit of plastic meant for? It looks the same shape as a lucet which is used for making a viking cord called snodgaffle. I tell you this because snodgaffle is such an awesome word and ought to be used as often as possible.

    The skirts are great and I'm sure the pot holder will be greatly treasured if it does eventuate :-)

  9. Matching pinafores are the best ... I'm not a sewer myself although I wish I were one ... I'm hoping to get my MIL to sew matching overalls for miss 4 and master 1.

  10. You have a very ambitious list to get through! Good luck. Yep you will have to do the matching pinafore for L hehehee :-) Photos of you both when it's done please!

  11. wow! They are indeed very pretty skirts. :)