Friday, July 16, 2010

Holiday wrapup

The school holidays have gone really fast!  I didn't achieve all the things I had on my list.  In particular, the sewing machine has not been touched which peeves me. 

We went away for a long weekend down to Rotorua.  We usually stay in the Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park which has been very good.  However, this time I thought we'd have a change of  scene and try the Cosy Cottage park. This was a mistake.  There a number of things that were annoying (eg. half a toilet roll for a family of 4 for 3 days) but the biggest one was the flatlet had one room so any adult activities conversation when kids went to bed were not possible.

It was frosty every morning.

We visited Hamurama Springs.  It's well worth a visit and very easy walking.

The spring itself is impressive.  It's the deepest natural spring in the North Island and produces an estimated 4 million litres of crystal clear water per hour. I found it quite moving and would have liked to have stayed longer to enjoy the peacefulness and serenity there.  Unfortunately we were soon joined by a bunch of rowdy walkers so we moved on down the track.

The light wasn't that good for photos - too much contrast, but you can see how clear the water is in this one.

Part of the walk goes through redwood trees.

You note that "baby" also came too.

We also visited the Caterpillar Museum.  I thought it was overpriced but it is an interesting museum.  Mr6 and DH particularly enjoyed it.  Miss3?  Not so much.  "Come on!  Let's go!" she kept saying.  But she did like the play bulldozer.  Even "baby" was discarded for that.

Being married to The Mad Photographer means you get to visit some amazing places.  It also means you get to work on your patience while waiting for him to get the king hit shot!  Patience is something Miss3 is not so good at (especially when it involves long walks in the bush). 

Luckily for the two kids there was a good playground next to Lake Tarawera and opportunity to float some "boats" at the water's edge.

On the way home we visited the Maungatautari Ecological Island.  It is well worth the visit.  The view at the gate was amazing the day we were there.  I could even see Mt Ruapehu.

During the walk we saw takahe, hihi, kaka and yellow crowned kakariki.  I was impressed with the work that is being done there.  Definitely going back.  But not to climb the forest canopy viewing tower again.  Once was enough of that one! *shudder*


  1. My Boys would love the Caterpillar Museum.. Me not so much ;p

  2. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Penny - hope you had a lovely holiday. Will keep your accommodation tips in mind as am beginning to scout out out trip to NZ in Feb.

  3. Anonymous4:34 pm

    It sounds like you had a fun time!
    My miss nearly-3 also has her 'babies' rather than dollies :). Will remember your advice re not having the entire family in the one room as well.

  4. Yeah - one bedroom with the kids on holiday sort of isn't a holiday is it! ;-)
    Little L probably has more patience than me heheee
    Lovely pics.

  5. I'm pretty sure I've stayed at the Cosy Cottages a couple of times as a child. Was pretty basic but we enjoyed being right on the lake edge and waking up to steaming bushes etc. on frosty mornings.

    Glad Luke isn't a photographer, patience isn't mine or Jacob's strong point.
    Sounds like you had a good holiday even if you haven't accomplished all you desired.

  6. We went to the Hamurama Springs a few years ago - fantastic place I agree. And I don't do canopy walks very well either....

    Beautiful shots :)

  7. I really love the jetty photo - particularly the way it connects the shore with the water. Nicely framed.