Thursday, July 08, 2010

School Holidays

So far I have

1. Managed to twist my ankle and nearly faint in the car as a result. It's getting better.  Compression bandages are my friend.

2. Spent far too much at Spotlight. Now have even more fabric to Make Stuff. No really!

3. Took the kids to Greedy Cat at the Pumphouse.  They thought it was great. :-)  Miss 3 was really cute calling out "There!  There!" when they were looking for Greedy Cat.  She then went up to the actor after the play and was patting her like a real cat. Bless.

4. Have not found any shop that sells pool noodles.  "It's the wrong season" is the answer I get.  I need one for my felting class.  Hmmmm.

5. Discovered that there is a dearth of borax in West Auckland.  Well, you can get it with a script from the doctor. I'm not sure why... I checked the uses of it on Wikipedia, and while one of the uses was "to clean the brain cavity of a skull for mounting" I can't see why that should require a script. I'm not going to pay $12.00 for a script for 1/2 cup borax so I'm making washing gloop without it.

Melting the soap.  I managed to find some pure olive oil soap from the craft shop place at Westgate.  NZD$7.50 per 110g bar.  It wasn't cheap!  Then you add the washing soda crystals (and borax if you find some).

Mixing it all up in the bucket with all the water.

Put it in some bottles.

Looking forward to trying it out!

6. Ran various errands, visited dr for check up, set traps for cockroaches *disgusted shudder x 20*
7. Have not even attempted any crafting so far. Meh. Hope that will happen soon.


  1. Anonymous2:15 pm

    hope your ankle is ok Penny!

  2. Anonymous2:16 pm

    love the new look on your blog too!

  3. Haha - wonder what it would cost to send you a pool noodle or two from here! ;-)
    I wondered what you needed the borax for ... now I know! (are you planning to mount all those skulls along your front fence?) ;-)

  4. Hope your ankle gets better soon. I love it when kids get so involved in a production; watching their faces is better than the production itself

  5. no crafting here yet either. Hope the gloop is successful. I added some lavendar essential oil to mine. Like the idea of the olive oil soap over using sunlight.