Saturday, July 17, 2010

felting class

Today I spent the day in a felting class with 8 other people.  It was a lot of fun and I'm feeling quite inspired by it! I really like my scarf - I think it looks like the sea with sea creatures on it.  DH thinks it looks like a dog's breakfast. Humph!

Most of us were beginners so we made scarves with a lot of different embellishments.  One lady who had been before made a hat, and another a table runner.

This is my scarf and a little ball I made.

Felted scarf

Close up of the dread lock loops on the end.
Loops on felted scarf

The little pocket.

Pocket on felted scarf

A surprise!

A surprise!

Another surprise and the silk frill.

Silk frill and another surprise

And the other layout I did yesterday.

4 lost teeth


  1. penny, i love your colorful scarf (and your sweet gap-toothed boy:)

  2. Well done!! Lovely colours! :)

  3. Felting is such fun - I love the 'surprises' in your scarf

  4. It's gorgeous Penny! The colours are fabulous.

    I've watched felting being done a few times at reenactment events, would love to have a go at it myself sometime.

  5. Nice colours and nice l/o. That's LYB Traveller, isn't it? I like the whole range as it co-ordiantes so well