Sunday, June 02, 2013

#blogjune Day 2: In which I discuss 10 rules for winter fashion

Okay, so this isn't strictly in my "theme" list but who cares?  The newspaper had an article last week announcing 10 rules for winter fashion.  I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought about these rules.  My opinions are included below.

1. Thou shalt wear more than a skirt and a tshirt

Well doh. It's cold so yes, long sleeves are a must. But skirts are fine, especially with tights.

The original article referenced "showing off assets" and "flaunting" feminine shapes which can be done without the need for skin showing.

One style that I can't get behind is short shorts with tights and ugg boots. Euuw!  Not for me. 

2. Thou shalt wear leather

Yeah nah.  Not for me.  Except for shoes, belts and handbags, leather has never been of interest to me to actually wear.

3. Thou shalt wear something snuggly to bed

The original article suggests onesies as an option.  Horror!  I do have flannel jammies though. 

4. Thou shalt keep the noggin warm

Beanies, felt hats... yes I will wear that.  I'm hoping to make a few more this winter.

#dailyimage2011 4 August Wearing mushroom hat
5. Thou shalt wear boots

Yes.  I would like some MOAR boots.  I need ones with wider calf width though.  Do you think ankle boots look ok with skirts?  I think they look a bit meh, but I wear them all the same.

6. Thou shalt own a decent coat

Working on it, working on it.  I have a pattern, just need time and fabric.  In the meantime I've ordered a duffle coat.

7. Thou shalt wear black

Really?  REALLY?  No. I'll wear whatever colour I like.

Africa Dreaming scarf

8. Thou shalt dress for a decadent 1920s party

This referred to "jewelling" and "lavish trimming".  Not sure I'm into the OTT stuff but some is ok.  Like this bag I embellished.

Red Bag

9. Thou shalt wear cosy jumpers

Chunky knits are "on trend" at the moment.  Times like these I wish I could knit.

10. Thou shalt wear wide leg trousers

As someone with wide legs I could get behind this one.  But not so wide I catch them on my shoes and trip over.

My favourite winter fashion things are my felted scarfs, hats and coloured tights.  What about you?

#dailyimage2011 28 Aug Paua Aroha


  1. I'm with you on the colour choices. Black is so boring.

  2. lol it is sooooo cold in Perth today and this post is a great one!!!!

  3. I love your embellishments on the bag! And I am with you on onesies- they seem to belong on little children :). And as for the decree to wear black...I work in Melbourne and I love the splash of colour that you occasionally see in the sea of black!

  4. I don't do black although I do have a pair of black trackies for working out in. In fact I have several black pairs lol. I want wider boot cos I have generous calves. I think ankle boots look better with trousers....And you know you wanna wear shorts and tights and ugg boots. BTW I realised I need a winter coat I recycled my last one back to the clothing bin, damn I wish I had kept it. My fav things for winter is my flannie pjs, for sleeping in and not wearing out in public lol, accessories, bags and necklace and scarves.