Sunday, June 30, 2013

#blogjune 2013 Day 30: In which I review the week of My Food Bag

It's the last day of #blogjune so I'm wrapping up with a quick review of the first week experience with My Food Bag.

The week we ate...

Day 1: Fish Sliders with apple slaw
Day 2: Jamaican jerk chicken with coconut rice and mango salsa
Day 3: Steak, chickpea and tomato salad with Harissa yoghurt dressing with garlic bread
Day 4: Jazzed up spaghetti bolognaise
Day 5: Butternut and ricotta canelloni with garden salad

All the recipes were easy to follow and mostly were completed and on the table in 30 minutes - some were a bit longer due to me mucking around doing other things at the same time or they required a bit more fiddling e.g. filling canelloni tubes.

The ingredients were fresh and sufficient quantity for our family.  The only time I had leftovers was the spaghetti bolognaise and the chick pea salad. 

The favourites this week were the fish sliders and the steak salad.

The meat was good quality and tasty.

Most ingredients supplied were organic or free range.

The ease of not having to think about the questions "what's for dinner" and "what do I need to shop for this week" was a big relief for me.  I know that sounds pathetic but what I feed my family and being able to enjoy cooking is something that is significant for me so this option helps lower my stress levels.

Was there anything I didn't like?  Not really -  the only comment I would make is that the fish (gurnard) is on the Forest and Bird's fish guide "orange zone" but given the paucity of options of fish in the "green zone" there has to be some lee way given.

This is what we're having this week.  It all looks pretty good to me, though the pumpkin and kumara offerings will be a challenge for Mr9 who doesn't like those vegetables much.  The delivery man came in good time.

Unpacking the bags is quite exciting :-)


  1. I hadn't heard of the food bag - but it looks really interesting! Love the home delivery part too.

  2. I must admit my mouth was watering reading some of what you had to eat last week. I will have Mr 9's serving of kumara soup, cos that looks mighty fine.