Wednesday, June 05, 2013

#blogjune 2013 Day 5: In which I present one of my bookshelves

Someone mentioned recently the sadness they felt when visiting a home without bookshelves.  This is a feeling I share.  One of the first things we got when moving into our house was a shelf for our books. Admittedly I don't have quite the number that some people have - looking at my Dad here... But I have a limited amount of room so I need to keep the collection smallish. 

 I dream of a house where I could have a "library". I'm sort of embarrassed to admit it because it seems I am, once more, a living cliche.

Top two shelves featuring a mixture of mine and husband's choices. Plus some kid ones that gave ended up there because of lack of room on their shelves. 

Next shelf contains taller books. Asterix and Tintin to the left - they get a beating these days - they originally belonged to DH and now the children are at a stage to enjoy them. This shelf also includes some gardening and craft books.  These tend to be crafts I am currently not pursuing, like stump work and marbling.

 The next shelf down is mostly DH's stuff.  Bill Bryson, "Day walks" series. 

The bottom two shelves are devoted to photography books, photo albums, dictionaries and atlases.  I have a weakness (inherited from my Dad) for dictionaries and other classic reference books.

I have to admit I don't buy so many books these days. If I do, it will be books I intend to re-read or they are harder to find non-fiction books.  I do buy ebook fiction and DH buys ezines though.

You will note there is a singular lack of "classification" happening here. That is because the shelf height dictate what goes where for the most part. I did try and alphabetise the fiction a bit.

What's on your bookshelf?


  1. lol I too dream of a library in our house and in the reno plans it is day it will happen. For now there are books upstairs and downstairs. No real system anymore sob!! But I always like to check out peoples bookshelves lol

  2. That is so like our bookshelves it's not funny :-)

  3. OMG you could have been in my house.

  4. i have 'post about bookshelves" on my blogjune ideas list! i always love seeing what's on people's bookshelves. some great titles there!

  5. My bookshelf has also been added to ideas for Blog June...I'm like you and love checking out other people's bookshelves, such a great conversation starter.