Thursday, June 13, 2013

#blogjune 2013 Day 13: In which I display my cookbook collection

This Cookbooks are possibly my guilty pleasure.  I read them like novels. I try and be restrained in my collection but I sometimes succumb to a new one!

This is the bottom shelf. I need to weed those magazines. The two big tomes on the right are The Joy of Cooking & Mrs Beeton's Household Management. I use the books and folders on this shelf a lot. The magazines not so much.

This shelf I use a lot too.  The Hummingbird Cafe Cookbook is being hidden by some of the thinner books but it is a current baking favorite along with Ladies a Plate.

The things on the top shelf I don't use very often.  They tend to be more for reference but the Anne Willan French one and the Thai Food one do get consulted from time to time.

Do you have a cookbook collection?


  1. That would be a yes!! In fact we have a few in common. I too have a Mrs Beeton Home Management book along with a few other spines there. I have slowed down buying them, until last week when Ruth Pretty's book turned up.

  2. I have a cookbook shelf in my kitchen above the fridge. Quite a few of them were birthday, Christmas or wedding presents! I have a Nigella (Express), but my go to cookbook tends to be The Cook's companion by Stephanie Alexander.

  3. I shall be doing this :)