Friday, June 14, 2013

#blogjune 2013 Day 14: Five things Friday

1. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Look out for ... the comfy chair!

2. Jelly beans and lists... two good things

Jelly beans and lists

3. Tart cherry juice from is my current obsession. The freeze dried cherries are awesome too. I think it may be helping me sleep, or maybe it's placebo but in any case it tastes good.  It is supposed to be full of Good Things.

4. What is your preferred potato chip flavour? Mine is salt & vinegar.  DH likes plain or those new sour cream and Kaitaia Fire ones. 

5. Spent the evening shopping for birthday presents for other people's children. Not sure what it is about October, but it seems like it's a good month for making babies! (As well as Christmas and New Year... We have 4 family birthdays in September).


  1. Spring babies - it was something in the air ;-)

  2. plain chips for me all the way!!

  3. ehehe the torture scene is so funny! For the cat post, I saw the double comment, sorry if comments don't come out immediately, I had to put on the comment moderator as I am getting too much spam!