Monday, June 10, 2013

#blogjune 2013 Day 10: in which I reveal my first attempts at crochet

A couple of worm like things that I hope will end up as a kind of dish cloth!  I had some difficulty holding the bits but I think I have that sorted now. My mum also showed me I was doing something working with where I was inserting the hook too - something I didn't actually realize I was doing having watched some videos.  Is this an instance where face to face teaching is better? Or did I just not choose the best videos? :-) 


  1. Much easier with f2f lesson. But another trick is to upload a video showing what you are doing and get others to comment if it looks like the right technique. Looks like pretty good result.

  2. I learned f2f, mainly because I'm left-handed and I can't really follow diagrams (props to those who can!). And it's a great first attempt :)