Saturday, June 01, 2013

#blogjune 2013 June 1: In which I set the scene for the month

Once again, I have set myself the challenge of blogging every day of June.  You can read about this exercise over at Flexnib.  If you'd like to join in please do!  The only requirement is that you have a blog.  The subject matter and topics of blogging are entirely up to you.  There is a list of participants if you would like to follow along.

I didn't participate last year because of reasons, but I missed the fun, the pressure, the sense of community around the event.  This year I am going to give myself a few themes to focus on so I have some impetus to blog.

The themes for this year's Blogjune at Walking Upside Down will be:

1. Food - including menu plans, recipes, trying some new things
2. Crafts - which will include me learning how to crochet
3. Reading
4. Reflections on doing an online course to learn Drupal
5. Five things Friday
6. I will attempt to blog over at Diligent Room for some days
7. Photos of things

Speaking of which...

These are things which make me happy


  1. I like your list of what you're going to blog about - but learning to crochet? Yikes! I can only knit very holey, informal things...

  2. Anonymous11:03 am

    I like your list of things to blog about... and I'm just learning crochet too, we should learn together! I have had so many attempts but I think I have finally got the basic idea, making a simple cotton dishcloth for practice. T.x

  3. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Love the idea of themes - perhaps towards the end of June you might blog about whether they were helpful in the challenge of coming up with 30 posts in 30 days :)

  4. Well I will join you in the five things Friday, I missed it Friday so did seven things Sunday lol