Saturday, June 22, 2013

#blogjune 2013 Day 22: In which I don't write much


Took kids swimming. Miss6 swam half a length with breathing. Put DH's name down as person who would be interested in adult swimming lessons. Told him when I got home. Heheheh.

Changed sheets on the bed.

Took family to mall to see about getting Mr9's frames for his Irlen lenses. Fortunately Specsavers at Henderson were happy to assist and it wasn't too hideous a price. Also to library to return overdue books and get new.

Endless laundry... Still not at the bottom of the basket.

Laid out wool for two lots of fingerless handwarmers.  

Rushed around to vege shop to get fresh ginger. Discovered they had purple carrots and locally grown walnuts too.

Munted wrist chopping wood for the fire because DH out shooting birds with his big lens.  Lit fire anyway because it was cold.

Spent ages in the kitchen cooking 3 curries and puris for dinner.

The fire is warm. Nice fire.

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