Monday, June 24, 2013

#blogjune 2013 Day 24: in which I stay home

And nurse Mr9 who is afflicted with a cold.  He mooched around, watched some DVDs and I sewed a top and a camisole/half slip for Miss6.

Tonight was the first night with My Food Bag supplying the dinner plan and ingredients. Tonight's meal was Crispy Fish Sliders.

The meal preparation was simple and yes, it took more or less 30 minutes from start to finish.  I was interested to see the portion size and balanced nature in the meal. I struggle at times to get that right so I can see that this regimen will help me get my brain into the "healthy" space again.

No all got eaten up.  Even Mr Reluctant Fish Eater scarfed his down and commented it was a good start.

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  1. Was that master or Mr who was the reluctant fish eater. Sounds like it was well worth it. So is this something you will do once a week? As for portion size it's so easy to get distorted about.