Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lara's Scraplift Challenge

After stuffing up my print job I managed to get only 1 LO done last night for the SBO Cybercrop challenges. This one was for Lara's challenge: scraplift one of the LOs in the gallery. I chose this one - probably because my subconscious latched on to the title. Heh heh!

Our fig tree has been fruiting very well and despite my fears the silver eyes would get them all, I have managed to make about 16 jars (or varying sizes) of jam. I do like fig jam (especially with ginger) but I'm not likely to eat 16 jars! Fortunately, I have plenty of friends and relatives to give jars away to. Hate to see all that fruit go to waste.

In addition I'm getting DH, my Dad and sister to sell some for me at their work to raise some money for DS's kindy. The kindy seems to be stuck on doing raffles for fund raising and I'm philosophically opposed to getting people to buy something they may not get any goods/services for. I sympathise with the need for fund raising but wish they would choose some other method! So this is my little rebellious solution. The kindy gets their money, and I salve my conscience. And get rid of excess jam.
The photo has been given Matt's 300 treatment.

I've also been making an eco-bag for a "happy mail" parcel. Some of you might guess who this one is for. *wink* More in the works....

Oh - and Shell asked what font I used in my banner. It's called Reprobate and I stretched it out a bit horizontally to make more space between the letters.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I discovered that I've been honoured by The Green Baby Guide who included me in their Best Green Baby Blog list. I'm highly flattered and delighted to be included! I also feel I better increase the posts about "green babyness"... um. Not sure what yet, but I will think about it.


  1. Well done on the jam making! I think selling it to raise money for Kindy is a great idea. Raffles are not the best way, there are so many other options out there! Ethan's Kindy had a sausage sizzle every Friday, and they raised a lot that way.

  2. I love the pink bag - it's gorgeous! I'm with you on the fundraising - but I just sit and complain! Now if I got off my butt and made jam or something ...

  3. Selling jam sounds like a great idea!!! Thanks for the info on the font too :) Love your layout... really really cute!

  4. Oh figs and fig jam! I miss them so much since moving here. Psst ... what a jar of jam cost?

  5. Can't say I've ever had figs, or fig jam, sounds intriguing.

    I love that layout you've done, I have those papers, but haven't done anything with them.

    Good work on the fundraising, I've been on both sides of the fence, and both are hard!

  6. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about green babies since I have a 6 m old and am trying to improve upon my green mommying.

    The jam jars are darling and I LOVE that scrapbook page!!!

  7. Hi Penny - love your scrapbook page. Oh ... wish I could get these thankyou's finished!! You have been a busy wee chick. Jam labels cool too. Look forward to seeing next lot of bathroom pics! L going to work from home today - waiting on a call from dentist - cracked his tooth, so am getting on computer early!! Cheers R