Monday, March 17, 2008

Maintaining Innocence

Your loud squeal of delight
"Mummy the bumblebees made some 'joas!"*
My throat closes in laughter, and I fight

Telling you of mingling pollen with stigma
Thrusting pollen tubes joining acquiescent ova

For now "Yes" I say
"The bumblebees help"
Revelling in joyful simplicity today



  1. Thanks for your really lovely comments on my blog lately. I really do appreciate it and you sure put a big smile on my face!
    I hope your spots are subsiding? Oooh, I remember when the kids had them... not great!

  2. Ah, such innocence! A beautiful little piece of prose there Penny.

    Hope you're not too itchy today!

  3. Just lovely, Madame Poet!

  4. Cute :-) I love what kids come out with ... wish I could catch them all on video! How's the pox?

  5. hey very cool know that needs to be on a page.....or in a wee mini album

  6. That's beautiful, I hope you scrap it with some great photos of 'joa eating?
    I miss feijoas so much, you just don't see them here. My sister had organised some of that feijoa smoothy for me when we were home over Christmas. Yum
    My parents have a tree in the back garden that has actually been cut down to a stump at one point and it bounced back and still fruits every year.

  7. That is a wonderful poem - hope the spots are all gone :)

  8. love how you write!