Friday, March 21, 2008

Pose of the child

When I first went to a yoga class and learned the pose of the child I really didn't think it was that comfortable. Until I got pregnant and realised that hanging my big old belly down through my knees was actually very restful.

Occasionally while pregnant, I would say my prayers in this pose, and ...uh ... occasionally I would fall asleep while doing so. *blush*

So I was rather amused to see Miss L sleeping like this.

Thank you for your uplifting comments about my last post. I did appreciate them! I'm over the initial "Wah they didn't pick me!" reaction and am happy not to have to deal with organising child care and other stuff. I do believe that all things work together for good in every aspect of my life. Let it be.

Hey - check out the bathroom progress. Here is DH busy chipping off the old tiles.

Of course, you can't do anything in this house without an audience. Including George the steam roller you might notice.

Euuuwww Glue!

The glue has been scraped off. DH managed to munt his shoulder doing it so there was much application of wheaty heaty, emugel and moans about massages required. It's now had several coats of polyurathane.

And...... da tee da tee didi daaaaaaah! The vanity went in today! Hoooooray! It's still not entirely finished. We need more pipe. So although the sink taps are connected and work, we can't actually use it until the waste pipe gets connected up. Once it's all done, I'll take another photo to post.

So it's all good.

I'm feeling virtuous because I weeded my garden today and now I can look my FIL in the face when he comes down next week! LOL!

Now from the pervasive aroma that occurs when DD walks by, I perceive that duty calls.


  1. Bathroom is looking good :-) Good on you for weeding. (So glad I don't have to do that over here ... have a feeling reality will hit big time when we move back to NZ!!!) L looks so cute sleeping. A sleeps funny too. I should send you an email of how he slept at Port Dickson cons! Have a great Easter (don't have that here!). Cheers R

  2. That used to be one of Tyler's favourite sleeping positions, too!! No wonder it's called that :-)

  3. Anonymous1:57 am

    That is definitely looking good! What patience your husband has to pull up all that tile so perfectly! I'm impressed.

  4. Such a sweet pic of your little one!

  5. oh she looks so cute and I must admit as a child thats how I used to sleep....quite relaxing. Well done on that bathroom progress. Wow at filming in your area for Outrageous Fortune.

  6. Ooo, ooo, ooo, could you send hubby to my place, we still haven't finished our bathroom.

    Love the pic of your gorgeous girl!