Monday, March 31, 2008

You know you have a serious problem

with scrapbooking when you dream that Tim Holtz visited and said he liked your albums.

Want a fejoa? Here's Miss L all dressed up for Sunday morning, modelling a smocked sailor suit I made a while ago. She fits it even though it is supposed to be 18 months. She will be 15 months next week. I think she's going to be a tall blonde.

Regrettably Mr Unthinking Caterpillar did not survive the transfer from my car hubcap. I think I should've waited until it hardened up some more. Unfortunately I had problems getting the clothes peg to attach and managed to drop it a couple of times.

Not good. It split. No more butterfly.

I am a butterfly murderer.

My more pragmatic side says it is merely a silly caterpillar removing itself from the gene pool. LOL!

I am consoled by the fact there are 2 more chrysalis on my plants and 2 up at the school.

DH's birthday on Thursday. I've hidden his present (even though he ordered it and knows what it is) and he's not allowed to open it until his birthday. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah revenge! I'm planning a Moroccan feast for Friday night. I am tempted to wear a belly dance costume though I'm not sure that is traditional for Morocco. However, since our respective families will be coming a burqah might be more ... respectable.


  1. LOL at the Tim Holtz dream!

    Sorry to hear about the demise of the butterfly. I quite liked my idea of removing the whole hubcap ... ;-)

    Do the belly dancing!! Spice it up! :-D

  2. oh well even though you are a butterfly murderer I will still be your friend :-P. Like you said there are some at school and some on your plant that should redeem you. Had a wee giggle at the burqah. How lucky we are to take that for granted. :-)

  3. Lydia is so darn cute! I want to pick her up and give her a good squeeze! Did you really make that outfit? It is gorgeous!! I wish I could sew that well.

  4. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Im sure hubby will be liking the belly dancing atire more lol!
    I had to laugh at the butterfly murderer bit tried thats the main thing!!

  5. Humm belly dancer - go for it!! (you obviously have no stretch marks!!) hee hee

  6. Sorry about the butterfly. Miss L is so cute in her outfit.

  7. Your little L is such a cutie! Moroccan sounds yummy! Maybe you will share some of your recipes?

  8. Hehe! Scrapbooking dreams are always the best!

  9. So you have the Tim Holtz dream too LOL

    That's a gorgeous wee outfit!!! Love the blue and white combo :D