Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bothersome Bunnies

Here is my entry for NZ Dare #41! Also an entry for Lara's Use-your-stash challenge at SBO.
This paper pack was given to me so I thought I'd have a go at using it up. It's not really "me" but it turned out okay with a bit of sewing/inking.

"Oi Mum! What's this on the floor?"
DD looking bemused at what the Easter Bunny did. DS's trains seemed to be attracted to his eggs.

I had hidden the Easter eggs in a bag under my bed, and when I got them out to put on the table I discovered one of them had a suspicious hole in it. At first I thought the kids had discovered my secret, but on closer inspection I realised there were tell-tale teeth marks. A mouse!! Having discovered mouse poo in DS's room the day before, this confirmed my suspicions. Yippy hasn't been dead 6 months and they have moved in. The cheek!

Felt Food. Going to make some more of these. I want to make a lamington, but need to get some brown felt. My local Spotlight doesn't seem to have brown the last time I looked. In case you can't work it out, they are a piece of sushi, a rather vibrant orange carrot and a cupcake. I think the carrot might not be organic because it is so bright.


  1. Ewwww at the mouse!!! Yuck!
    I was too afraid to leave the eggs outside last night because I thought animals might get them. So I set my alarm for 7am and went out and hid them before the boys woke up! LOL!

    Love the bunny prints :-)

  2. Oh, yuck at the mouse, especially in the eggs.

    Love the footprints, we did something similar for the reindeer at Christmas time, never thought of the Easter bunny. I didn't do a hunt for the boys, thinking they were a bit old, but OMG, they were so disappointed, luckily Grandma came through for them when we went there at lunchtime.

  3. oh I love the felt food, very very cool. Your so clever. Ewww at the mouse, your post took me back five years when I had a family who took a liking to my choc girl guide bikkies and ate through the box they were stored in and started in on a packet. Love the bunny prints very cool.

  4. love the felt food, you're cery clever!

  5. Debbie2:07 pm

    Eww yick as well about the mouse, we had that happen to us when we were kids as well! I also love the footprints how did you do them? I have brown felt if you want to email me I will send it up to you! I love your felt food!

  6. I love the bunny footprints. We have to deal with mice on occasion, too. You are so creative!

  7. Love those little felt foodies!

    Bunny footprints - what a fabulous idea!

  8. love the felt food! you are sooo clever. not so in love with the mouse idea.

  9. Maybe you can throw that little intruder off with your felt food! I love the idea--so clever and simple!

  10. Yucky mouse. I find with cats we have more mice than if we didn't have cats ....... because they bring them inside for us!

    Love your felt creations

  11. love your creativity, penny! the felt food is fantastic and the bunny tracks so cute.

    sorry about the mouse though. eep!