Thursday, July 31, 2008

over the hump

Funny how I'm watching the days now I'm back at work...

Hump day is gone. Now it's Thursday and we're on the slippery slope to the weekend - yay! I think Friday is one of the best days of the week. You've got the anticipation of the weekend ahead, and the bulk of the working week behind you.

Work is going well. I'm catching on to the new things I need to know. I did my first orientation today with some nursing students. We got talking about breastfeeding. Funny the bond that motherhood can create. I'm enjoying the variety of queries I'm getting on the reference desk that serves both library clients.

Here are the layouts I did at the Waikato crop. I think I want to do some more to the My Be' one. It looks like it needs something under the smaller photo.

The third LO is still waiting for me to finish it!! I hope this weekend. I do need to finish off some bags for Mel first though.

So far the daycare arrangement seems to be working well. DD is a little tearful when I leave but she recovers in about 2 minutes or less once I'm out the door. She is eating well - they keep commenting on this! LOL! DS was the same. When he left daycare the teachers joked they'd have to tell the cook not to make extra noodles/rice on the days he was usually there. She is sleeping for about 2 hours too, which isn't bad. She normally sleeps around 3 hours at home so hopefully that time will increase.

DS is doing fine with my Mum. She is one of his favourite persons so it ought to be! Once he goes to school in Sept she will have some more time to herself which will make it a bit easier for her.

I am tired though. My body is having to adjust to a new routine. Not sleeping that great. I find it hard to get off to sleep and then DD comes into bed about 4am for (.)(.) so that means I don't sleep much after that. Having to get up at 6am and rush around getting kids ready rather than a leisurely 7am (with less pressure to get kids and myself dressed) is taking it's toll.

And work clothes! Where did they go? Seriously scraping the old wardrobe barrel here. LOL! Most of my old ones are my "fat" clothes that are scrunched into bags waiting to be taken to the op shop. So they're out. Church clothes are an option but I like to keep them separate. I think a visit to some 2nd hand places will be in order. Maybe my sister and friend Nel will have to act as Trinny and Susannah for me.


  1. It sounds like everybody is slowly adjusting to their new routines. I'm sure in another week or 2 it will feel totally natural. And you'll get used to the sleep changes as well. When I went back to work when Tyler was 1, I had to have lots of early nights. He wasn't waking at night anymore but I was exhausted from work and then looking after 2 kids. Eventually I didn't have to go to bed so early and now I'm back to only needing 7-8h a night.

    Love the (.)(.) symbol, very cute!

  2. Good for you. I thought of you yesterday - I've been doing some work at the National Library (Leadership coaching with about 20+ staff) - lovely working with people who are passionate abut books.

    (And don't stress abut my bags - dosn't matter if it takes weeks/months/whatever)

  3. argh - the work clothes!!!! I went shopping in the hols... but struggling for stuff still. need another shop - but then it will be spring soon & everything is winter at the moment! love Friday's too :-)

  4. I don't know what I'd do for clothes if I went back to work ... mummy clothes are just not good work clothes! Hope you get to catch up on sleep over the weekend.

  5. Sounds like you are all settling into your new jobs and routines! Awesome layouts.

  6. I can see you beaming from here you have had a great first week. Sounds like DD and DS are thirving too, dispelling the myth from that lady about children in care. I hear you on the work thing my wardrobe is mainly student gear with some nice interview clothes lol.

  7. IT has taken me a while to catch up - congrats on the new job!! Sounds like it all worked out perfectly.