Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cheering time!

Hello blog my old friend
I've come to post on you again

My IRL friend, stamping-guru-scrapping-goddess-extraordinaire Rachel has reached Challenge 8 of Project Scrap Away which is being hosted by Scrap 'n' Crop. Hooray! I am watching what she's doing with this latest challenge which is to use B&W and NO colour. Tricky.

There have been some awesome entries for this Project Scrap Away.

And now she needs some help to get points, so pretty please... here's what you can do.

Go to her blog and leave a comment.

Post about her and Project Scrap Away on your blog.

Leave a comment on the Project Scrap Away blog : Rachel's Friend + a link to your blog.

As for me - I've been doing various things. Sewing some bags, going to birthday parties, making some cards... just busy and not really feeling like blogging much. I have lots of ideas for posts but not much time to sit down to do it! I did make a bag for my Cuttlebug.

DS has gone up north to stay with his gran and granddad so I have one very bored little girl who doesn't know what to do with herself and who follows me around getting into everything I try to do. She's adding more and more words to her vocab. The latest is "darti" and "guk" for dirty and yuk. (Said most often when changing nappies. In fact, she's started to tell me when her nap is "darti").
DH has got some lurg we've all had... made worse by the fact he's male and won't take any sick days.

So he's in bed (with his MP3 player). He pointed out to me that he now has a gallery up at one of the forums he posts on. "Maybe you'd like to put a link on your blog," he says.

Maybe I would!

My super talented photographer husband's Gallery!


  1. oh no not the man flu!!!!

  2. Hee hee great photo of Rod ... you so have to scrap that!! :-)
    Thanks HEAPS for adding me in on your post! :-)
    Love your new cuttle bag ... very cool. It even matches in with the fancy green one huh!
    Lucky you L is telling you her naps are dirty (wish Aaron did!!!) Maybe it's a bloke thing! (ha)

  3. Go Rach!!!! Wow I love your scrubbys gallery very impressive!! Had a giggle at our infirmed he was in that photo. Loving that bag!!You are a talented woman Penny I admire your sewing skills.

  4. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Sick men. Nothing more like a baby than them. Hope he's better soon ... for your sake!

  5. i LOVE this sisterhood of support for Rach!!!
    yeah - her stamping is impressive.

  6. and uhhh.. how rude of me!
    2 other things i forgot to mentioned:
    (1) i am Penny too
    (2) my man is a photographer as well - conflict and humanitarian photojournalist to be precise

    ... and if I may add, gosh the photos are really good.

  7. Beautiful bag. I feel sorry for your DH if he has what I have. Not nice. He takes beautiful pics though :)

  8. Anonymous1:53 am

    LOL yeah sick men , cool photo!
    I always say if men would have had to deliver babies the human race would have died out a looooong long time ago;p
    But oh boy your hubby takes just amazing photos!!! supercool!!!!

  9. that bag is soooo cute! and rod's photos are breathtaking. you're both very talented. :)