Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 21/07/08

Monday - Chicken noodle soup
Tuesday - Homemade burgers
Wednesday - Fish cakes
Thursday - Dal pumpkin soup
Friday - Steak frites
Sat - going to Waikato crop so sister doing tea
Sun - pizza

Tummies around here are still a bit unsettled from this virus going round so I'm trying to keep things simple and not too rich. We are getting a delivery of organically raised Angus beef later in the week so I'll be interested to see what is in the pack. It includes steak and sausages - that I know.

I am very excited about this crop on Saturday! :-) I had my youngest sister lined up to baby sit the Possums but she decided to move to Australia, (left this morning), so I had a mild panic until my other sister and our friend Nel decided they could do it. They are going to the zoo (weather permitting), and me, DH and my Dad are heading south! Woohoo! I did tell my other sister that she just had to say no if she didn't want to babysit. ;-)

(Actually they moved there in hopes of better opportunity for her partner's work. Just didn't tell us until 6 weeks ago).

I'm stressing a bit about what to take. I want to make page kits but I'm going to have to have a bit of a clean up before I can "see" my desk. And I need to print some photos. So, lots to do this week!

I'm also nervously waiting to hear from the last job interview... supposed to hear early this week. I am NOT a patient person. Just want to get it over with!!

I enrolled DS at the school up the road this morning. Bit of a milestone there! He'll start in September, probably the day after his birthday. I just have to check the calendar to see when the holidays are. The school is happy for him to start on his birthday or after the holidays - whatever I prefer. So one of these days we'll do a school visit together and check out the classroom etc. I've already had a bit of a preview. His teacher will be the deputy principal.

DS has been eyeing up the sand pit that is at the end of the junior classes area. He thinks that he'll be able to play in there all the time. Sorry buddy.. it's not going to be like that!


  1. shornsheep4:53 pm

    I'd be interested to hear what you think of the taste of the organic beef.

    We homekill (so pretty much the same thing) and the taste is so different to the meat in the shops.

  2. wow at little sister moving. Awww at enrolling ds at school, funny how they have ideas on what school will be like. Your going to have such a blast this weekend at the crop.

  3. Go you going to the crop. Wish I could come with you!! :-) Good luck with the tidying and sorting your stuff ready to take. Glad you sis and Nel can babysit :-) Wonder how much the "possums" get spoilt!! heehee Fingers crossed for you with the job interview results. And woo hoo with the school enrollment ... can you believe that he's nearly 5!! I can't, actually I am struggling with the fact that Maddison will be 1 on Friday! Scary stuff.

  4. Yay for a crop coming up.
    Woohoo for school enrolling done - lo at the sandpit bit

  5. Glad you found another sister to babysit! I'm sure you'll have a great time at the crop.

    Enrolling at school - such a milestone! Not long to go for him now!

  6. Anonymous7:15 am

    I hope everyone is on the mend soon. Glad your other sis was able to step in.

  7. Feel better soon over there!