Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Small children, small space

Small children, small space-1010489
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Finally finished this layout I've had on my desk for a week or more!!

I have another interview next week. (At least, as DH says I am pulling the interviews!) This one I would really like to get. Please cross fingers and toes for me!


  1. oh I like this Penny, love the space around this as well. I am drawn to the photos.

    Go you on pulling another interview, go Penny. Sending you some positive interview jobs, Go Penny, Go Penny, Go Penny.

  2. I really like this layout - love the ribbons/fabric, and the way you did the title. Like Janine says, the design of the page really draws the eye to those cute pics.

    Crossing all fingers, crossing all toes ...

  3. Fingers and toes crossed for you Penny. Love the layout too.

  4. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Sweet LO and I shall cross all my fingers and toes for your upcoming interview Penny. And yep getting all these interviews says something about you aye?

  5. Anonymous7:33 pm

    gorgeous, love the

  6. Anonymous8:13 am

    Good luck on the interview.

  7. Legs and eyes crossed too Pen.


    gotta have a playdate soon!

  8. Happy Birthday Penny!
    I hope you have a great day and that the interview next week goes well, they'd be mad not to hire you.

    I only posted your card yesterday so it's going to be late but it is on its way.

  9. shornsheep1:27 pm

    Looks great!

    Will send out positive job snaffling vibes for you re. the interview next week.

    Oh, and looks like a

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great one. :)

  10. best wishes for your next interview!!!!

    Happy Birthday.

  11. Everything crossed. And try not to stress - every works out for a reason.

    Now go away and stand in front of a mirror and answer these practice interview questions out loud:

    "The best job I ever had was..."

    "the worst job I ever had was..."

  12. Sorry you missed out on those two. perhaps it will be third time lucky? Good luck

  13. Happy birthday for today or was it yesterday?

  14. Hi Penny - Happy Birthday ... have something to post you (but I usually run late!!) Hope to get it off this week.
    Love your LO. So cute. And fingers crossed big time for your interview for the job you want :-)
    Hope you've had a great day so far. Luv R

  15. May the force be with you. I will be sending you good vibes all the way from Colorado. Things happen for a reason... Beautiful layout BTW!