Monday, July 28, 2008

first day back

and I am really tired. It's surreal being back in what is a familiar environment but also unfamiliar because it is a different campus and slightly different team. All good - just different. The clientele are a different mix too.

The library I work at is the only joint library in New Zealand; that is a library that services both tertiary students and public library patrons. So when I work on the reference desk, I see all kinds of people. Today I did a 2 hour stint on the desk and answered questions from nursing students doing work on an assignment about community nursing and another doing nausea and vomiting. I also looked for CDs for a teenager who wanted music by Motley Crue, an older gentleman wanting books on managing ego, and a mother who wanted to prune her roses.

I have to remember how to use the library management system (LMS) I worked with before as well as learn an entirely different LMS as well because the 2 libraries run 2 different computer systems. (Long story, don't ask). I also need to learn about the borrowing rules and other procedures for the public library as well as remember those of my "home" library. So it's a bit of a challenge but in a good way.

It felt good to be back. I did miss the children though, especially when I saw the mums come in with the kids. Missy Moo did really well on her first day at day care. She did cry when I left but apparently settled for a quick hug with one of the teachers, and then got on with playing. She was pleased to see DH and DS when they picked her up but she didn't rush up to them in a relieved way.

This was good to hear because we had a strange evening on Sunday with a lady who started to go on and on about the evils of daycare and how it was wrong to leave DD in for such long hours. Needless to say this put the wind up me! I had to leave because it was upsetting me. If I had had more notice I may have been able to organise some home care for her but with only 2 working days in which to set it all up, I took what I could when I could. There are a number of different factors in why I have to go back to work and although I would love to work part time, that possibility has yet to arise.

One down side of it all is the short time I see my family in the mornings and evenings. I can see that weekends are going to be very precious. I shall have to put some housework systems in place so I'm not spending all my weekend doing catch up with boring stuff like that.

So - quick menu plan Monday

Monday - Slater soup
Tuesday - Stirfry
Wednesday - Tom yum soup (DH request)
Thursday - Sausages and lentils
Friday - Fish and chips (home made)
Saturday - Juicy spicy meatballs
Sunday - Winter Supper from Nigel Slater's Appetite
(Hoping to get some baking done too - maybe tomorrow! I need to vaccuum, make lunches and wash the kitchen floor before bedtime)

The Waikato Crop was great. I had a lovely time and was fortunate to win 3 very cool prizes. Big thanks to Vicky and Neen for organising it, and to the sponsors who added a bit of spice to the mixture! I really did enjoy meeting the ladies who I have been "talking to" via blogs and forums.

I did 2.5 LOs and intend to show them off but I need to get a good photo and but the time I got home tonight it was too late! (You can check out the photos on the blog to see I really did do some LOs). So watch this space.

Also must blog about Rachel for her immunity challenge.

If you've made it this far you are a hero! Sorry there are no photos!


  1. what a great day you had Penny. Glad you enjoyed it. As for the decisions you made about care and the hours etc, don;t listen to what others think, they are not living your life and you have to do what is right for you and the family. How dare she make assumptions about care and the evils of it. Sounds like Missy Moo had a great day anyway. I want to know what you won at the crop too.

  2. Power to you Penny, I know how gut wrenching it can be to put little people into daycare. been there, done that, have the scars LOL

    As far as housework and cooking etc goes, Love the crockpot oh and the teenage daughter who comes home, stirs things and turns on veges, and this Mama ph's home about 4pm with quick house work instructions LOL

    It will all come together don't you worry


  3. Glad to hear your first day was a good one. Please don't let this lady get you down. You've made the choices that are right for YOUR family. She doesn't know what your circumstances are, or even how much some kids actually LOVE daycare! It's ridiculous, really. Kids will adapt to changing circumstances and it's not like they aren't being cared for at daycare. It's hard to leave your babies there sometimes, I know because I've been there done that. But you stick to your guns and just ignore the critics.
    Your weekends WILL become very precious, and that's a good thing. It will be quality family time, and you'll all love every minute of it.

  4. You should have bobbed that lady on the nose! :-) hee hee I know how you feel though, I've gotten comments about how I have "institutionalised" (spelling?) Aaron putting him into school so young! But whatever! I need some free time and he enjoys it, even the times he crys and doesn't want me to leave him, he gets over it resonably quickly and really enjoys himself.
    So glad you enjoyed the crop and woo hoo that you won some prizes. Cool. Enjoy them (when you do will be another story I guess!!). Hugs from me :-)

  5. I can identify with what you are saying about work and all. Hang in there. Sounds like this is your transition time and it will get easier once everyone is settled in. And I totally agree - you have made the best decision for your family. Only you know what is best and I admire you for doing it! :)

  6. shornsheep11:42 am

    Gee that is a big day you had Penny. Yay you!

    Being a librarian is got to be one of the coolest jobs on earth IMO. Surrounded by yummy books! If I ever re-trained my top two choices are librarian or kindy teaching.

    Meh, what that silly woman said. It is absolutely no one elses business regarding the way you raise your children and the choices you make for them and yourself.

    Ditto from me what Hannah and all the equally wise woman have said here before me.

  7. That's only to be expected about being tired. Is there anyway you can get a cleaner in once or twice a month? And kids survive!

  8. yahoo you got a job (sorry been a bad blog friend)! I so know what you mean about needing to set systems in place... I hope to do up a 'control journal' for the family this weekend - so there's timetables, emergency contacts etc all in one place so we can all keep track of each other & a series of 3 menus that we rotate around with grocery lists etc (have done this before... just need to find them). Housework is overrated and if working full time you might just be able to get a housekeeper or something in once a week to do some of the big stuff - clean bathrooms, vacuum, windows.... maybe!

  9. Congrats on your new job, Penny! And I'm seriously impressed to see your menu plan while now working full time with your two kiddos, too. Wow!

    Oh, and those who knock daycare in front of you should be given a sense-inducing smack to the head. Really, how does that make anyone feel better? Gah.