Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Not feeling groovy

#3 rejection. Wonder how many more I'll get.

I've only been out of the workforce about 20 months.

Seriously beginning to wonder if I am flawed in some way that no one wants to employ me. If that is so, I wish someone would tell me what the problem is.

The last 2 positions had internal applicants who got the position.

Sour grapes? Probably.


  1. shornsheep12:12 pm

    Aw, Penny ((((HUGS)))) from me to you.

    Please don't take it on board. In my former life I worked in HR and I know that a lot of companies have a policy to advertise vacancies internally and externally even when there is an internal person lined up for the position. Supposed to make it a fair and transparent process, but often not fair on external applicants.

    If you want to email me privately to discuss your job search experience I am here for you on:


  2. Oh Penny, that sucks! I'm so sorry.

    But I agree with Sandra, you can't take it too personally. The internal advertising thing is HARD when you are currently out of the workforce, trying to get back in. I'm sure you will get THE perfect job, given time. Hard to wait though, and hard to get those rejections.

    Big ((Hugs)) ... remember you are a valuable and capable person, and some company will be very lucky to have you!

  3. Hang in there Penny, you don't have any flaws, but it sure makes it hard when the successful applicants are internal.

  4. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Oh Penny *big hugs*. Dont give up nor take this as a personal rejection... as the others mentioned heaps of jobs have this thing where they need to advertise publically and yet they already know who they want for the job.
    I'm sure out there somewhere is your job, the one that's just right for you and for which you are just right. Now you both just have to 'meet'. Hope that wont take too long a time and please dont blame or find fault within while you are on this journey to find your job.

  5. hugs. it's the whole internal applicants thing that does me in too... that's why I have to do the 'part time thing' so maybe next time I am the internal applicant!

    I wish they would say that there are internal applicants applying when they advertise the role though.

  6. Internal applicants are hard to beat even if you are better!

  7. I lost a job I really loved in 2003 (got laid off and was DEVASTATED)...I looked and looked, searched and searched for a year or more... I remember being rejected for jobs I was "over qualified" for and couldn't put my finger on why. I totally took it personally but shouldn't have. It was so frustrating and I know how you feel. Your day will come. Have faith in yourself!

  8. Bummer. It is very disheartening. Hope you find something soon!