Monday, July 14, 2008

bits & bobs

A quick Menu Plan Monday:

Monday - pasta
Tuesday - Pie
Wednesday - stir fry
Thursday - Vego chilli
Friday - risotto
Saturday - lamb chops
Sunday - roast beef

Had a quiet birthday last week. DS offered to make me a train cake which was sweet of him. I asked him what presents I should get and he was of the opinion that I would like Molly and some other of the Thomas friends! LOL! So cute. I'm sure he'd love me to get them for my birthday just so he could play with them.

In any case, no trains turned up but I still was thoroughly spoiled!

I got a lovely tea set plus 2 matching mugs (not shown).

And a sponge cake from an elderly friend Ena who makes the best sponge in West Auckland.

Had to be quick to get this photo because DD was hovering and eyeing up the cake!!!

Some perfume. Normally I prefer to buy my own but it's difficult to argue against Dior. ;-)

My Mum made me another quilt. I so love the colours in this one. It's really me.

A cookbook I've been wanting for ages. :-)

A food processor from DH thanks to the Visa Reward shop. I do have one that we inherited from the ILs. It is ancient and the plastic is starting to go brittle & has a few cracks. Plus I managed to break the grater/shredder plate holder trying to grate some parmesan so it only does chopping jobs. Which is fine... but I missed the other options. Anyone want an elderly Braun food processor that still goes? Might be good for a bach. Think I'll see about free cycling it.

Also got some new Cuttle bug embossing folders - Stylised Flowers, Swiss Dots and Perfectly Paisley. A friend gave me some BG Boxer rub ons and glazed brads. So cool!

Spent Friday night and Saturday making some cards. I borrowed some of my friend's Stampin' Up stamps as well as my own stuff.

One thing I discovered is that shimmer sheet goes through the Cuttlebug like a dream and looks awesome!


  1. reads & looks like you had a fantastic birthday!!! love your cake plate (they look cute with cupcakes too ). I love Bazzil Bling through the embossing folders too!


  2. I'm glad you had such a nice birthday! You got some lovely pressies, and so sweet of your DS to suggest getting you some Thomas toys ;-)

    The cards look great, you certainly have been busy!

  3. Anonymous3:23 pm

    What an awesome birthday! I love the teapot pattern, beautiful. Happy birthday.

  4. what a lovely birthday you had, some very cool pressies there Penny. Love your cards Penny.

  5. shornsheep4:20 pm

    Wow you sure were spoilt. Great to see!

  6. Lots of lovely spoils. Love the quilt from your Mum and the teaset is very pretty.
    Great looking crads you have made too

  7. Anonymous10:11 pm

    oh looks like you got some lovely goodies


  8. All very nice. A very special quilt :-) Fancy not getting any trains though!! (I have got a couple of trains for Maddison put away for her birthday "from" Aaron!! hee hee Hopefully it will remind him to share as they are actually hers!! (hope it works anyway!) Glad you can put your shimmer sheet stuff to good use! One day I might get a cuttlebug too and be able to use mine! :-) Love your cards. You have been busy ... I am still black and whiteing! :-) NEARLY finished ... Maddison isn't interested in bed though (typical!). So can't play till she's asleep.

  9. Anonymous1:56 am

    Glad you got spoiled so well!!! You deserve no less :)

  10. Happy belated birthday, Penny. Sounds and looks like it was wonderful! :)

  11. Happy {belated} birthday! What a lovely lot of loot you rec'd!
    Love your divine cards too.

  12. Wonderful pressies. That quilt is gorgeous! Hope the happy birthday vibes last for a while.

  13. Happy Birthday Penny! Your son is very thoughtful...Those presents are just about the best ever!!! Love the mustard colored card...Sending wishes for a year filled with happiness your way!

  14. Anonymous7:31 am

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    You made out like a bandit, girlfriend! Congrats!